Asian and Islamic Antiques
Tibetan silver and mother of pearl conch Buddhist portrait
Chinese silver tea and coffee set
On Request
Chinese silver tankard Wang Hing
Chinese silver goblet with figures all around
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Chinese silver goblet
On Request
Chinese silver gilt enameled fan
one. Please enquire about price
Chinese silver bowl by yok sang and flowers embossed
please enquire
Chinese porcelain censer Kangxi blue and white
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Chinese overlay glass snuff bottle dated 1836
one item. Please enquire price
Chinese mother of pearl box with engraved decoration
Chinese jade vase with elephant heads and moving rings
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Chinese jade vase lotus shaped
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Chinese jade vase in finger citron shape
On Request
Chinese jade pierced plaque
Chinese jade mounted silver enameled box
Chinese jade lotus cup Ming 17 C.
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Chinese jade libation cup Ming period
Chinese jade carving of mythical animal