Asian and Islamic Antiques
Chinese jade mounted silver enameled box
Chinese antique pearl shell carved and pierced
Chinese jade vase with elephant heads and moving rings
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Chinese coral of a maiden
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Chinese jade belt hook on a mirror
Chinese silver gilt enameled fan
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Chinese jade bowl in Mughal style
Chinese enameled silver caddy
one caddy and cover. Please enquire the price
Chinese belt of mother of pearl discs with silver and enamel mounts
Chinese jade pierced plaque
Chinese silver goblet with figures all around
Chinese agate conjoined snuff bottles
Chinese antique silver vase
Chinese 19 C. jade plaque and belt hook mounted on a mirror
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Chinese silver bowl by yok sang and flowers embossed
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Chinese silver goblet by Wang Hing
Chinese buffalo horn box with dragon and shou carving
Chinese jade carving of a gourd with tendrils