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Framed Japanese Edo Woodblock print of a ronin by  Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Framed Japanese Edo Woodblock print of a ronin by Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Rose Mandarin Export Jar

Susan Fentress

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Unroll the Scroll offers a fine selection of antique and vintage decorative arts principally sourced from estates in the Mid-South. During the antebellum period wealthy planters decorated their estates with interesting art. We find select pieces through auction or direct acquisition and offer these pieces for sale here. Our focus is shown in the listed categories namely: paintings including Chinese, Japanese scrolls and screens. Ceramics including English, Japanese and Chinese porcelain such as vases, snuff boxes and scholar items. Additionally, another focus is matching vintage and antique frames with prints to provide high quality archival quality art work. Follow our blog as we hunt for treasure.

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