Collecting Art, Artifacts and Cultural Heritage in Asian, Post Modern, Religous Artifacts , and Latin Art
Our International reach incorporates five art categories of our interest and expert experience.

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Art and Art History Matter
Serious collectors and their prototype apprentices share similar levels of curiosity. Art history is often the place where that curiosity is satisfied. Our expertise in these areas provide the insights to your collecting activity. From Museums to Private Collections, our efforts in research and authentication as well as direct access to private collections around the World provide value not commonly found.

Close Up Enameling Wirework Curatorial Approach
Our affiliates work closely with Museum Curators in the specific areas of our Collection Categories for special exhibitions and permanent collection acquisitions. This gives us access to private acquisition opportunities for our client-base. From rarities to academic examples, we provide the guidance for the Whole Collection, from reference and ephemera to art objects of studio examples and master pieces.

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