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Standard work on Ryukyuan inro: Kress, Else and Heinz Kress, with an introduction by Josef Kreiner, Inro of the Ryukyus, Lacquered Medicine Containers, Bonn, 2002, 127 pp., over 100 colour ills., 10 b/w ills., 21 x 18.5 cm, Paper. English text. Perfect condition.

Catalogue of an exhibition of inro from the Ryukyu islands (today Okinawa), including 42 inro from museums worldwide and 46 inro from the collection of Heinz and Else Kress. Published at the occasion of the 4th International Conference of Okinawan Studies 2001/2002, Japanologisches Seminar, University of Bonn, in co-operation with the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Introductory essay on culture and history of the Ryukyus by Prof. Josef Kreiner, director of the Department of Japanese Studies, University Bonn.
Examples range from of the finest quality inro, made to order for the court and shoguns, to colourful “mingei-style” (folk art) inro. All techniques found on Ryukyuan lacquer inro as well as carved wood inro are shown. Drawings and illustrations of all techniques seen on inro as well as on other lacquer objects.

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Kress, Else, Kress Heinz, Inro shita-e, Design Drawings from a Japanese Lacquer Workshop, including a facsimile reproduction of an album containing 200 lacquer design drawings. Köln, 2003, 358 pp., over 393 colour ills., lavishly illustrated. 30 x 23 cm, Paper. English text. Perfect condition.
In-depth study on the use of design drawings in Japanese lacquer workshops in the 18th and 19th centuries. The study is based on the Kress inro archives of today total 30,000 inro records, consisting of approx. 100,000 photographs of inro and data collected in museums, private collections, or at auctions worldwide. The authors were able to prove the existence of 84 inro exactly matching the design drawings in the album. The designs were used in the 18th and 19th centuries mostly by the workshops of Yamada Jokasai and Hasegawa Shigeyoshi Kyorinsai. These workshops are presented with 144 inro; those with a Jokasai signature are shown on pp. 220-289, inro with a Hasegawa signature are shown on pp. 290-328.
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Hand-made wooden storage box for an antique Japanese pipe (kiseruzutsu) and tobacco pouch, tied with dark purple (murasaki-iro) silk ribbon. Japan, 20th cent.
H 2 ½; L 10 1/8; W 6 3/8 in. (6.5 x 26 x 16.4 cm).
Perfect condition.

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Sumitani Koichiro, Lacquer of Sanuki – the roots of the craft empire, Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2005.
395 pp., 26 x 18.5 cm. Paper. Japanese text, English captions. 200 ills., 156 colour plates.
Perfect condition.

A lavishly illustrated overview of a variety of Japanese lacquer objects produced on the island of Shikoku, Kagawa prefecture. Colour illustrations present brilliantly carved lacquer objects decorated in the striking black and red sanuki technique, other objects and screens are decorated in the kinma technique, imported from Burma (today Myanmar) in the 17th century. Shown are also colourful incised zonsei lacquers. Many reading helps (furigana) for names, techniques, etc., found throughout the text.
Pages 16 – 84 focus on Tamakaji Zôkoku (1807 - 69), a brilliant master of carved lacquer, kinma-lacquers, and colourful zonsei-nuri. This is followed by examples of work and short biographies of various Kagawa Lacquer masters of the 20th century (see list below).
Pages 32-35 and 148- 157 deal with the well known Yamanaka lacquer shop in Osaka, the base of Yamanaka & Co., in New York (founded 1894), and its Boston branch (1899).

Illustrations of works by such craftsmen as (in alphabetical order): Akashi Bokkei, works dated from 1947 to1990, Bunkidô Kokusai, brother of Tamakaji Zôkoku, Bunkidô Ransai (kinma, zonsai), Gotô Tahei, 1913, Ishii Keidô (Sakamoto Sessai), 1926 – 1933, Isoi Joshin, kinma, carved lacquer,1922, 1933, 1946, 1959, Isoi Masami, 1964, 1974, 1988, 1994, Kagawa Sôseki, 1946, 1955, Kamada Kadô, 1941 - 1945, Kitahara Senroku, 1927, 1934, Kubota Tsune, 1982, Manago Jitsuya, 1967, Mori Zôdô, 1931, Takahashi Kanzan, 1920, Takagi Yoshitsugu, 1922, Sasa Chikusen, 1951, Tamakaji Zôkoku, works dated from 1839 to 1854, Tamakaji Tôsha, works dated from 1881 to 1895, Tanizawa Fujimatsu, 1933 – 1941, Ônishi Tadao, 1955 – 1963, Ôshima Tadashi, 1957, Ôta Hitoshi, 1983 – 1998, Otomaru Kôdô, 1924, 1929, 1934, 1975.

Bibliography, focusing on Tamakaji Zôkoku and his workshop. Citations from magazines (Shikkokai zasshi, etc.), readings of inscriptions on works and storage boxes, transciptions of notes by Tamakaji Zôkoku, pp. 326-355. (Zôkoku) Setsudô, pp. 355-359, Hyakku-kaen, Miki Hachigorô, pp. 360-361, Mori Zôdô, pp. 361-362, Kagawa-ken kôgei gakku (Kagawa pref. Handicraft school), Kagawa-ken bijutsu tenrankai (Kagawa pref. Fine Arts Exh. Assoc.), pp. 362-363, Isoi Joshin, pp. 363-365, Otomaru Kôdô, pp. 365-368, Akashi Bokkei, pp. 368-369, Ônishi Tadao, pp. 369-370, Kagawa Sôseki, p. 370, Isoi Masami, p. 370, Ôta Hitoshi, pp. 370-371, Tamakaji Zôkoku, abbreviated genealogies, pp. 371-372, Tamakaji Zôkoku, genealogy, p. 371. Conclusion, pp. 375-379.
Bilingual list of plates with measurements and relevant information, pp. 382-290. Index, in Japanese with furigana.

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Trede, Melanie, and Julia Meech, Arts of Japan: The John C. Weber Collection. Berlin: Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst Staatliche Museen zu Berlin 2006. Softcover.
Catalog of 78 objects from the Weber collection, with essays by Quitman Eugene Phillips, Melanie Trede, Alexander Hoffman, and Terry Satsuki Milhaupt. Numerous color illustrations.
Like new condition
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Five serving plates in half moon shape with up standing rim, decorated with flowers (a.o. kikyo) and rocks in underglaze blue, pink and brown and overglaze green and gold enamels and white slip. Standing on 4 pentagonal feet. Each signed on the back: ma. Seto region, Mino ware, Oribe style. Japan, 20th century.

H ca. 1 in. (2.5 cm); L 9 in. (23 cm), D 6 in. (15 cm).

Mint condition

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Woldemar von Seidlitz & Dora Amsden, Impressions of Ukiyo-e, publ. Parkstone Press Intl., New York 2007. Hard cover with dust jacket, 287 pages, text about all aspects of ukiyoe and discussing the most important woodblock masters illustrated with numerous color photos, translated in English by Marlena Metcalf. ISBN 978-1-84484-388-6.

Very good condition

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Black lacquer ground, with gold metal mounting. Decorated in gold, red and green hiramakie lacquer with peonies growing from rocks. Signed KOKKÔSAI. Brought out by Pilot. Length 5 ¼ inches (13.3 cm). Purchased in Japan around 1995. Pristine condition.
In fitted wooden box (tomobako), 7 1/8” (L) x 1 5/8” (H) x 2 ½” (W) (18 x 4 x 6.3 cm), placed inside white cardboard box. All leaflets, instructions, etc., and 10 ink cartridges, included.

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Helmert-Corvey, Theodor, Inro: das Ding am Gurtel, Bielefeld, 1997, 295 pp., over 230 colour ills., 29 b/w ills. and line drawings. 30 x 23 cm. Paper. Perfect condition. German text.
Excellent catalogue of an exhibition of inro from the collection of Heinz and Else Kress held in a number of German museums in 1997-98. Good introductory essay by Monika Kopplin, director of the Museum of Lacquer Art, and thorough descriptions of inro. Also shown are some color woodblock prints, surimono, and sword guards (tsuba), all featuring inro.
Appendix: Glossary of technical terms (p. 289), List of woodblock-printed illustrated books used as design-base for inro (p. 290), Selected bibliography (pp. 291-294).

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Lobed dish. Porcelain with beautiful white glaze, painted in red, blue, grey, pale yellow and green overglaze enamels with a spray of flowering pinks (nadeshiko). Three thin red lines around the foot ring. Signed at the bottom in underglaze blue KAKIEMON. Perfect condition. Diameter 4 ¼ in. (11 cm), height 7/8 in. (2.2 cm).
In fitted wooden box (tomobako), 2 ¼ x 5 ¼ x 51/4 in. (5.8 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm). Inscribed on the cover nishiki (brocade), and with the plant’s name (nadeshiko) and sara (dish). Signed inside the cover with the name of the 14th generation KAKIEMON and red seal (unread).

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Kopplin, Monika, Museum für Lackkunst, Vol. I, Ostasiatische Lackkunst, Ausgewählte Arbeiten [Museum of Lacquer Art, Vol. I, East-Asian Lacquer Art, Selected Works], with an introductory essay by the museum’s new director, Monika Kopplin. Lengerich, BASF Coatings AG, Germany, without date (1993), 206 pp., 51 color ills., 43 b/w ills., 11 ¾ x 9 in. (30 x 23 cm). Paper. Good condition, cover slightly rubbed. German text.
The book was published in 1993 on the occasion of the museum’s re-opening in new, spacious rooms in the city of Münster. A selection of the museum’s Far Eastern lacquer objects is presented, beginning with an approximately 2200 years old Chinese wine container (chih) of lacquered wood. Also shown are Chinese trays, panels, and boxes from the Wan’li and K’ang-hsi periods. Several beautiful carved lacquer objects are dating from the 14th to the 18th centuries. Shown are South Chinese export wares, large ‘Coromandel’ screens, cupboards, and storage boxes, followed by Korean lacquer objects. Finally Japanese boxes and bowls from the 15th and 16th centuries, a Namban export lacquer chest, writing boxes (suzuribako), inro, and incense boxes are shown. Appendix: Glossary of Names and Technical Terms (pp. 189-202). Selected Bibliography (pp. 203-206).

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Kopplin, Monika, Museum für Lackkunst, Vol. II, Europäische Lackkunst, Ausgewählte Arbeiten [Museum of Lacquer Art, Vol. II, European Lacquer Art, Selected Works] Münster, BASF Coatings AG, Germany, 1998, 320 pp., 160 color ills., 97 b/w ills., including a facsimile reproduction of 24 pp. from “A Treatise of Japanning and Varnishing” by John Stalker, first published in Oxford, in 1688. 11 ¾ x 9 in. (30 x 23 cm). Paper. Very good condition, cover slightly rubbed. German text.
The book presents a selection of the museum’s rare and little-known European lacquer objects, such as boxes, fans, trays, furniture, panels, etc., mostly dating from the 17th to the 20th century, among them a panel by the French lacquer master Jean Dunand (1877-1942). The museum owns Italian, Dutch, English, French, Belgian, German, and Russian lacquer objects, many of them of the highest quality. Also shown are lacquered interiors of castles, reproductions of paintings depicting lacquer objects, and other objects related to lacquer, all in very good colour printing. Printed design-bases for many of the objects are shown, such as reproductions of paintings by Francois Boucher (1703-70), dated engravings, and other sources. All signatures, seals, and many details are reproduced. The appendices include: - Facsimile reproduction of pages with exotic drawings in “Far Eastern” style for the decoration of European lacquer furniture and utensils from Stalker’s very popular pattern book (pp. 244-267). The line drawings of pagodas, figures, and birds were easy to copy and, consequently, were over centuries used as pattern by amateurs and professionals. John Stalker’s colourful Chinoiserie motifs, more or less skilfully painted on chairs and cupboards, trays and boxes, can be seen today in castles and museums or also found on flea-markets. - An overview of the museum’s collection of books containing historical “lacquer” recipes and instructions on “How to Produce Varnish”, dating from the 17th to the 20th centuries is found on pp. 269-278. - Selected bibliography (pp. 279-290), Index (pp. 291-300), Glossary of names and technical terms (pp. 301-320).

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Fahr-Becker, Gabriele (ed.), The Art of East Asia, English edition, Koenemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Cologne, 1999, 2 vols., 406pp and 407pp. 12 ½ x 10 ¾ in. (32 x 27.8 cm). Hardcover with dust jacket, in slipcase.
In these volumes the arts and cultures are discussed, richly illustrated in color, of China, Indonesia and the Champa Kingdoms (vol. I) and of the Kingdom of the Khmer, Thailand, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Japan and Korea (vol. II). The focus of this book is clearly on China and Japan. Contributing authors are Sabine Hesemann, Michael Dunn, Gabriele Farh-Becker and Michaela Appel. The appendix includes Glossary of Chinese characters, Notes, Selective Bibliography, Picture Credits (vol. I) and Notes, Glossary, Index and Picture Credits (vol. II).
N.B. The German text edition came out in 1998.
Vol. I with minor traces of usage, vol. II. with dented corners at top. Case also with dented corner at top.
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White, Helen, Snuff Bottles from China. The Victoria and Albert Collection, Bamboo Publishing Ltd. in association with the Victoria and Albert Museum, London 1990. First edition. Hardcover (green fine linen), 14 ½ x 10 ¼ in. (37 x 26.4 cm), 291pp. with numerous color illustrations, green linen slipcover.
Well written introduction to the history of tobacco and the use of snuff bottles, followed by a description of the collection snuff bottles, organized according to material (hardstones, glass, porcelain, metal and organic). At the end there is a concordance list and a bibliography.
No dust jacket, some paint stains on bottom of slipcase, otherwise in fine condition.
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Circular black lacquer dish with applied white-gold foil decoration, all surfaces of black lacquer. Applied at the center with a square of white-gold foil, painted in black lacquer with stylized waves. Traces of white-gold brushed into the wood grain. Unsigned. Japan, 20th century (ca. 1990).
Diameter 6 9/16 in. (16.8 cm).
Perfect condition.

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Set of three black lacquer sake cups, undecorated. Wood base, flawlessly smoothed and lacquered. Signed with an unread red lacquer seal at the bottom of the largest cup. Japan, 20th century (ca. 1990).
Sizes: largest - H 1 15/16 in. (5.1 cm), diameter 3 ¾ in. (9.7 cm); middle - H 1 5/8 in. (4.3 cm), diameter 3 9/16 in. (9.1 cm); small - H 15/16 in. (3.7 cm), diameter3 3/8 in. (8.7 cm).
Perfect condition.

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Eijer, Dieuwke, Kagamibuta, Mirrors of Japanese Life and Legend, The Baur Collection / Heinz Kaempfer Fund (Geneva / Leiden), 1994. 95 pages, numerous b/w and color illustrations. Extensive description of the history, materials, techniques of kagamibuta, its subject matter and kagamibuta makers, richly illustrated with excellent photos of pieces from the Baur Collection and from private collections. The appendix contains a list of kagamibuta makers with their signatures and biographic information.
New, in original shrink wrap.
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Kanazawa Bijutsukan, Kaga yukari no makie-ten (Kaga Lacquer Art Exhibition), Kanazawa bijutsu seinenkai yonju-shu kinen (Exhibition in Honour of the 40th Anniversary of the Opening of the Kanazawa Art Museum). Japanese Exhibition Catalogue, 1995. Exhibition at the Kanazawa Museum of Art, Japan
104 pp., 30 x 21.5 cm. Hardboard. Japanese language only. 62 colour plates.
Outside cover very slightly soiled, otherwise perfect condition.

The 62 colour plates present excellent and detailed photographs of writing boxes (suzuri-bako), saddles, furniture, and other objects, produced during the past centuries by the best lacquer masters in the Kaga area. Among them are members of the Igarashi family, and their followers.
In an essay by Motoya Fumio (pp.11 - 18) of the Ishikawa prefecture Museum of Arts, style and technique of lacquer objects made by Igarashi Dôho and his followers are compared to Edo (Tokyo)-style lacquer objects. The Kaga province, at the Japan Sea coast, is famous for its high-quality lacquers.

Total 49 illustrations of lacquer objects by Igarashi masters, or also executed in Igarashi-style, are shown on pp. 19 – 50. This is followed by 18 illustrations of lacquer objects made by Shimizu Kuhei (1686 - ?) and his circle (pp. 52 – 61). Lacquered armour, writing boxes, and other Kaga lacquer objects are shown on pp. 62 – 70.
Pages 72 – 84 focus on works by less known Kaga lacquer masters active in the Meiji period and the 20th century. Shown are 26 illustrations of objects by such masters as Igarashi Zuiho (1852-1903), Yoneda Magoroku (? – 1874?), Sawada Sotaku (1830-1915), Shinoda Getsukyo (1883-1931), Ogaki Shokun (1865-1937), Awada Beizan (1881-1943), Fugaki Seiho (1884-1954), and others.
On pp. 85 – 88 are presented 32 enlarged examples of the various techniques seen on objects by Igarashi, and other lacquer masters. Explanations and commentaries concerning the objects shown are given on pp. 89 – 99.
List of plates with measurements and relevant information on pp. 100 – 101. A list of the association’s chairmen during the past 40 years, and photograph of the 12 present members of the board are found on pp. 102 – 103.

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