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Antique Chinese Peking OPERA Headdress Paper Mache Silk Tassel
Antique Chinese Tiara Headdress Ceremonial Tian-Tsui Empress Crown
Antique Tush Kyiz Kyrgyzstan Embroidery Hanging Yurt Art Central Asia
Antique Chinese Silk Embroidery Child's Robe Small Vintage Textile
Chinese Imperial Court Necklace Jade Peking Glass Chao Zhu Buddhist
Kasaya Buddhist Priest Robe Mantle Kesa Vestment Gold Brocade
Early American Coverlet Boston Town Ohio 19th Century Indigo Birds of
Oriental Chinese Peking Rug Antique Carpet Indigo Blue Shou Medallion
Asian Embroidered Dragon Scroll Banner Japanese Meiji Black Velvet
Chinese Peranakan Embroidery Slippers Sampler Framed Needlework
Antique Wool Folk Art TAPESTRY Figural Woven Embroidered
Sarong Tapis Sumatra Lampung Indonesia Mica Sequins Gold Woven Antique
Pair Antique Chinese Dragon Rank Badge Silk Embroidery Red Silk
Grenfell Labrador Industries Hooked Mat Handmade in Newfoundland MAP
Vintage Papua New Guinea Grass Skirt Palm Fiber Woven Ethnographic
Antique Chinese Silk Embroidery SKIRT Butterfly Wrap Court Textile
SUMBA Indonesian -Ikat- Hinggi Blanket Robe Ceremonial TEXTILE
ANTIQUE French Folding Fan - Hand Painted Silk – Ebony - Gold Gilt -