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Chinese and Japanese mixed bead lot
Chinese vintage beads in a mixed group lot
Pair of Vintage Chinese Jade Pendants Vase and Guan Yen
Coral and silver Ring with untested accent Diamonds ?
Vintage 20 k Moghul Good Luck Gemstone Pendant
Loose Colombian Cabochon Emerald 1.82ct
Mughal Kundan Polki Emerald and Diamond Gold Pendant
Early Mughal solid Gold Granulated Beads
3 Near Eastern 8th c Wound Glass beads
Moche Inlaid Strombus Shell Trumpet
Tanagran Apollo and Daphne Terracotta figure
Vintage Leather Mark Cross ring box with suede
An Egyptian Gesso and wood Painted Horse Head
Antique French Napoleon lll Marquetry inlay wooden jewel casket
Box of Antique Continental Asian hand made Locks lot1
Box of Antique Continental Asian hand made Locks box2
Box-of-Antique-Continental Asian-hand-made-Locks-box 3