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Chinese bronze vessel with lid
Chinese bronze vessel with lid
William Cozart
Otho Cozart
320 S. Harrington St.
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William-Cozart, Inc.

Asian antiques is our specialty, with a focus on
Japanese, Chinese, and Korean works of art.

Visit our retail store in Raleigh's Warehouse District,
near many galleries, shops, and restaurants downtown.

Asian Antiques

Otho Cozart lived in Osaka Prefecture, Japan from 1973-1978 where he studied anthropology and Asian art history at Kansai University of Foreign Studies. Many of the pieces we offer were collected in Japan during this period of time.

Our Japanese print collection is large and varied, and we offer pieces in all price ranges. Also available are Japanese ceramics, cloisonne, and lacquerware, Chinese porcelain, glassware, and jade, and Korean ceramics and metalwork.

We also offer antique American and European prints and paintings, as well as some contemporary furnishings and art.


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