French antiques and collectibles from William's Antiks.
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Sold !!!!
This is a wonderful and rare French Napoleon the third Rocking Horse. It was made circa 1880. The same cast iron head was used on Tricycle model as well. Unique to this style is the fact that it has retractable wheels that allow for a Rocking/Rolling horse. Very Cool! Obviously well loved and often repaired, this provenance adds to the patina and charm. Truly a lovely piece approx 3 feet long by 28 inches tall
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per pair ALL SOLD - MERCI!
This is an unusual set of Club chairs, They are from the 1930's , They have all their original leather. They sit quite firm, but are comfortable nonetheless. They are in solid condition with age appropriate nicks and minor scratches. They are almost identical except two of them have a steeper pitch to the backs. I purchased these from a dealer in Frontenac in the Bordeaux region. They measure: Measures L-36", W-36". H-31" Seat depth- 23", seat width-19"
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***SOLD, MERCI*** single
Lovely all-original French club chair with velvet cushion. Circa 1920's. Light crackle on arms, gorgeous patina & wear consistent with age. Dimensions: 27"L x 28"W x 32"H x 19" seat depth x 17" seat width
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***SOLD*** Merci! single
We can't resist these handsome rollback style chairs and never hesitate to buy them alone or in pairs. The perfect spot to enjoy a good book, movie or conversation. Classic, masculine lines, circa 1940's. Dimensions: 39"L x 38"W x 32"H, seat depth 23", seat width 19"
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the pair SOLD, MERCI!
These are the Rolls Royce of our collection. Excellent overall condition, some minor scuffing, all original leather. Circa 1940's, it is very rare to find a pair in such amazing shape for the age. Both chairs sit beautifully and have strong personality. Dimensions: 36"L, 36"W, 31"H, 22" seat depth, 19" seat width
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each All three SOLD, Merci!
Dark Cognac to Chocolate brown depending on the light, these three slopeback French leather club chairs have fixed cushions. A light, comfortable seat with original leather. Some crazing on the arms, consistent with age and use. Overall very good condition. Rare to find a set of three matching chairs, but this set can be broken up & purchased as a single or a pair. Dimensions: 32"L x 31"W x 33"H, seat depth 22", seat width 19"
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Sale Pending
Nailed head, classic 1930's styling, all original leather. This is the type of club chairs that are often copied, but seldom do they capture the patina and charm of the real thing. Good overall condition for the age. Dimensions: 32"L x 33"W x 34"H x 23" seat depth, 17" seat width
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***SOLD, MERCI*** pair
The library classic style... the wing-back chair. Much sought after, increasingly rare, this pair is in good condition with original mohair cushions. These chairs are sure to be favorites in any setting. Dimensions: 31"L x 36"W x 34"H x 22" seat depth x 19"
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***SOLD, MERCI*** single
This quintessential mustache back French club chair completes any room with its classic lines and solid style. Boasting all-original leather, it is in excellent overall condition. It sits exactly as you hope it might, deep & comfortable, but not too soft. Dimensions: 33"L x 38"W, 31"H, 22" seat depth, 21" seat width
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the pair ***SOLD - Merci!******
We love these! Gorgeous French club chairs with stunning medallion nail patterns & curved "corbeille" backs. Small in stature but comfortable even for a 6 ft 2 in tall guy like William. Refurbished seats and fronts, this charming pair is originally from the 1930's. Dimensions: 27"L x 27"W x 28"H x 22" seat depth, 22" seat width
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the pair ***SOLD - Merci!***
Bordeaux Arche Lounge French Club Chairs. This is a sumptuous, Rich Dark Chocolate pair of chairs with all original leather. They are in excellent shape overall, there are some wrinkles here and there but their styling and presence lends itself to a multitude of interiors. With their graceful, clean lines they measure 35"deep, 34"wide, 30"high, with a seat depth of 22" and a seat width of 19"
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the pair SOLD, Merci!
This is what we call a Parisian Apartment pair. The are small enough to fit in a studio, but have the presence to fill a room. This pair features original back leather with restored arms and seat that are wonderfully color-matched. They have sort of a Mid-Century appeal but remain grounded in the classic French Club Chair lines . They are a sassy little pair with a warm cognac glow. Dimensions: 31"L x 33"W x 34"H x 20" seat depth, 18" seat width
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Sold Merci! the pair
The Liseaux Lounge French Leather Club Chairs. We purchased this pair out of a private home in Liseaux, France. In 13 years of antiquing in France, this is the first pair of high back, square shouldered chairs that have come our way. Clean, crisp lines and a deep wide seat invite one and all. 100% original sheephide, circa 1940's They measure 35" Deep, 34" wide, 32"High, 24" seat depth and 22" seat width
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*** SOLD - Merci!*** per pair
Stephens set of Four French Leather Club Chairs. This is an all original sheephide set of Club Chairs that are in excellent overall condition. They can be sold as two pairs. They feature velvet seats as is typical for this smaller style. Leather cushions could be fabricated and color matched for $375 each. These chairs sit snug and smooth, the texture of the leather has a rich deep flanky feel.
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pair ***SOLD - MERCI***
Handsome all-original vintage French club chairs with rollback styling. Rare light-caramel finish and dark piping. This charming pair sits well and both chairs are in terrific condition for the age. Circa 1940's. Dimensions: 33"L, 33"W, 33"H, 22" seat depth, 19" seat width
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pair ***SOLD - Merci!***
Big, beautiful, all-original leather pair. Sits deep & comfortable. Some scratches & markings, consistent with age & use. Circa 1930's. Dimensions: 37" L, 36" W, 29" H, seat depth 23", seat width 19"
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This is an all original French Leather Club Chair. It features the fluted ball feet typical of 1930's style chairs and a velvet cushion. The leather has the typical crackling and minor blemishes but is still supple and sits comfortably. Circa 1935. Dimensions: D-31", W-29", H-33", Seat depth-22", Seat width-15"
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**SOLD** Merci! single
Gorgeous all-original leather vintage French club chair. Traditional sheephide, circa 1940's. Deep seated lounge style... one of our favorites!