Zentner Collection - For the Finest in Asian Antiques
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Ancient India Stone Sculpture Doorway Fret
On Request
Ancient MesoAmerican Stone Hand Axe Head
Ancient Pre-Columbian Stone Amulets
On Request
Antique Nepalese Stone Carved Figure of Vishnu
Chinese Carved Soap Stone Seal
Chinese Jade Carved Ink Stone with Pine Tree
Chinese Jade Ink Stone with Bat
Antique Chinese Fish and Lotus Stone Carving with Base
Pair of Chinese Stone Guardian Fu Dogs
Chinese Carved Hardstone Jade & Hard stone Tree
Antique Chinese Ink Stone and Hardwood Box
Antique Chinese Ink Stone and Hardwood Box
Nepalese Stone Shrine of Avalokiteshvara
On Request
18th Century North Indian Stone Sculpture of a Lion
Chinese 19th Century Pair of Large Stone Lions
Antique Chinese Stone Quanyin Carving
Antique Korean Pair of Stone Guardian Statues
Antique Chinese Pair of Stone Temple Door Supports