Zentner Collection - For the Finest in Asian Antiques
Japanese Antique Large Cloisonne Vase with White Hydrangea
Antique Japanese Choba Tansu (Merchant Chest)
Japanese Antique Bronze Horse Censor, Meiji Period
Chinese Antique Bronze Censor with Bearded Figures
Japanese Antique Small Lacquer Tebako (Accessory Box)
Chinese 16th C. Ming Dynasty Pair of Bronze Qilin
Himalayan Antique Copper Tall Yak Butter Lamp
Chinese 17th C. Ming Dynasty Bronze Lidded Censor
Japanese Antique 2-Section Kannon Biraki Isho Tansu
Japanese Antique Low Keyaki Wood Table
Antique Chinese Fujin Blanc de Chine Porcelain Qilin Censor
Chinese Ming Dynasty Bronze Baby Water Dropper
Chinese Ming Dynasty Bronze Joss Incense Holder of Laozi
Chinese Ming Dynasty Bronze Scholar Object of an Immortal
Chinese Ming Dynasty Small Bronze Scroll Weight of Seated Man
Chinese Ming Dynasty Small Bronze Censor of Qilin
Japanese Gold Lacquer Inro with Mountain Cottage and Boxwood Netsuke
Japanese Gold Lacquer Inro with River and Trees, Meiji period