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The Zentner Collection
A large shinto shrine constructed in the style based on the Grand Shrine of Ise. This type of construction for small shrines is often used by the local residents in Ise. The shrine contains fine details in the woodwork and brass fittings fit for a deity. Age: 20th century. Size: height 23.75" width 19" length 36"
The Zentner Collection
A wooden sculpture carved from a single block of wood of kannon or kwan yin. The work takes inspiration from the 6th century image at Horyuji temple in Ikaruga, Nara. Jimbo Yutaka (1923~) is known throughout Japan for his wooden sculptures and has done numerous exhibitions. The work comes with a tomobako with the inscription of the title of the work and the artist's signature and seals. The work also contains a signature by the artist. Age: Late Showa Period (1970-1980)...