The Zha Shang Jie Collection 查尚杰
The Zha Shang Jie Collection - 查尚杰
chinese snuff bottles stoppers cabochons and spoons
This name was given to me by my Chinese employees when living and working in China. Loosely translated, it means * Esteemed and Distinguished Researcher *
I am an expatriate business owner, living and working in Asia, and I collect Chinese snuff bottles, snuff dishes, antique cylinder phonographs, and gramophone related collectible items.
My collection is located in Bangkok, Thailand
I have a vast collection of snuff bottles, about half of which are what are called inside painted or reverse painted bottles. Among these, many are antiques from the 1820-1930s, and the other are modern glass or crystal bottles from the 1960s through today, some by very renowned artists. The rest consists of a variety of materials dating from the early 1700s through modern times. I am very careful and honest about my dating and classifying the bottles. I also collect snuff dishes and cylinder phonographs, gramophone needle tins, graphophone cylinder recordings and other related collectibles.

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inside reverse painted inner painted glass interior
You will notice some of the snuff bottles I sell come without stoppers, as this is often a personal choice and taste. I co-own a website which allows you to source custom spoons made of bone, horn, or bamboo (only natural materials, and none from endangered species), as well as cabochons, collars, finials, and corks. In our Snuff Bottle Stopper Shop you will have access to a wide variety of choices to custom design your own stopper to match your taste and needs. In the picture I provide here on my page you see some original antique snuff bottle stoppers, to showcase some of the designs I have recreated. Frankly, most of the commercially available snuff bottle stoppers and spoons don't deserve to adorn most nice snuff bottles, in my opinion. Please go have a look! Happy hunting! See our catalog here:
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