Superb Olmec Green Stone Seated Shaman Figurine with Jaguar Face
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Scarce & Complete Colima Mahogany Obsidian Sacred Blade with Handle Apolonia Ancient Art $1,875.00
Moche Bean Bottle Arte Xibalba $450.00
Narino Bowl Arte Xibalba $150.00
Fine Pre-Columbian finial of bird, Peru, Moche-ChimĂș Cultures Senatus Consulto $95.00
Colima Sello Arte Xibalba $75.00
Recuay Canteen Arte Xibalba $350.00
Chimu Orangeware Bottle Arte Xibalba $185.00
Bahia Shaman Arte Xibalba $200.00
Maya Cylinder Arte Xibalba $200.00
Maya Monkey Bowl Arte Xibalba $375.00
Olmec Spoon Arte Xibalba $425.00
Rare Peru, Moche Blackware vessel with 4 feline predators! Senatus Consulto $495.00
Early Native America Mimbres Bowl circa AD 900-1100 Tribal Art Antiques £325.00
Superb & Intact Chimu/Lambayeque "Staff God" Stirrup-Spout Vessel Apolonia Ancient Art $925.00
Rare Pre-Columbian Mayan carved Cylinder-shaped pottery vessel! Senatus Consulto $475.00
Pre Columbian Sican Silver and Copper Mask what pdx $795.00
Superb & Intact Chimu/Lambayeque Blackware Stirrup-Spout God Vessel Apolonia Ancient Art $925.00
Nazca Bowl Arte Xibalba $350.00