Large Bronze Kandy Buddha The Buddha Gallery On Request
Copper Repousse Fierce Deity The Buddha Gallery On Request
Antique Kharal opium bowl Rajahstan India Tribal Art Antiques
old Nepalese ritual festival mask of kali Tribal Art Antiques
Tibetan water ritual pot with silver turquoise spout Tribal Art Antiques £225.00
Jain Bronze Jina The Buddha Gallery On Request
Miniature Durga The Buddha Gallery Auction
Gilt Tibetan Bronze Buddha The Buddha Gallery Auction
1310 Antique Buddhist Tantric Priest Ceremonial Crown Diadem WOVENSOULS USD $3,200.00
1294 Antique Painted Ganjifa Playing Cards - Complete Set, India WOVENSOULS USD $3,500.00
1292 Set of Tiny Ancient Archaeological Terracotta Blocks (for Print ? WOVENSOULS USD $750.00
Antique Parsi Zoroastrian Heirloom Box with Silver - Jade or Quartz WOVENSOULS USD $2,800.00
Nepalese temple festival mask of Hanuman the Monkey God Tribal Art Antiques Inquire
Himalayan Fine Antique west Nepal tribal house post figure Tribal Art Antiques Inquire
279 Collection of Six Antique Silver Hookah Pipes from Awadh India WOVENSOULS USD $2,400.00
Fire guilded brass statue of Green Tara or Arya Tara - Ladakh GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art On Request
298 Antique Ceremonial Shield From Lucknow, Awadh Court, India WOVENSOULS USD $4,000.00