Japanese Horn Carving of Shrimp with Crab Basket Okimono June Hastings $495.00
Decorative Pine Cones by Ito Tozan Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $950.00
Japanese Whale Tooth Okimono of Benabartin with a Phoenix Helen M Edwards $750.00
Japanese Antique Censor of Urashima Taro Riding the Giant Turtle Zentner Collection On Request
Japanese Ivory Okimono of a Peasant Smoking Opium, Signed Helen M Edwards $1,250.00
A charming small size sleeping cat. Kutani. Dragon's Pearl $330.00
TANUKI t a t a m i $650.00
YOUNG WOMAN WITH CHILD - Tohoku local clay doll t a t a m i $230.00
OIRAN - Tohoku local clay doll t a t a m i $280.00
Antique "spirit stone" rootwood embracing stone DARUMA Dragon's Pearl $600.00
Japanese 19th C. Bronze Ram by Imperial Court Artist Ishikawa Koumei Oriental Treasure Box $4,500.00
Japanese Pair of Bronze Meiji Elephants by the Same Artist, Signed Helen M Edwards $1,950.00
Antique Japanese Pea Pod Okimono Zentner Collection $650.00
Japanese black clay Inari fox Edo period t a t a m i $550.00
Rare Pair of Okimono Mandarin Ducks OSHIDORI Root Wood. Dragon's Pearl $3,000.00
Japanese Burl Root Wood Carving of a Man Zentner Collection $1,250.00
Beautiful Original Japanese Signed Wood Carving of a Frog and Leaf Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Japanese Boy's Festival Kintaro Doll-Taisho Period JJ Oriental $575.00