Two Rare Old Large Burmese Gilded Dragon Nagas - 19th Century JJ Oriental $2,200.00
Large Rare Gilded Mythical Hintha Myayngu Bird Duck of Burma JJ Oriental $1,875.00
Gilded Mythical Myayngu Bird of Burma - 19th Century JJ Oriental $675.00
Burmese Old Gilded Dome Covered Bowl JJ Oriental $375.00
Vietnamese Hardwood Inlay Wall Art with Huanghuali Frame Zentner Collection $650.00
Burmese Relief Molded Gilded Alms Naga Stand JJ Oriental $475.00
Antique Burmese Inlaid Box Zentner Collection $375.00
19TH C. BURMESE DHA DAGGER, Coins and Antiques Gallery $459.00
Rare 19th Century Miniature BUDDHA'S THRONE, Burma SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems $995.00