Victorian Gold Estate Jewelry

Gold jewelry from the reign of Queen Victoria before 1837 and a few later, Victorian style, jewelry items. Precious and semi-precious stones and other decorative medium in finely worked gold mounts of the period.

Diamonds, Rubies, Pearls in a Silver-Topped Gold Love Knot Period Pieces $1,395.00
Matched Pair of 9k BEBE (Baby) Pins Period Pieces $215.00
Amethyst Garland or Swag 14kt Necklace Period Pieces $1,990.00
Diamond Iris Stick Pin - 10k Gold Period Pieces $275.00
15kt Gold Enameled Bow Pendant - English Period Pieces $499.00
Ruby and Pearl Victorian Ring Period Pieces $255.00
Yellow and Rose Gold Flower and Leaf Pin Period Pieces $230.00
Enameled Flower Pin by Klitz Period Pieces $249.00
Rare Fairy Brooch: Boy or Girl? Nouveau or Victorian Period Pieces $119.00
Roses in 18k Gold – French Necklace Period Pieces $699.00
Rose Gold & Red Stone Ring – Very Victorian Period Pieces $199.00
15kt Gold Ruby & Pearl Ring – England 1877 Period Pieces $449.00
Star Arrow and Moon – Rose Gold and Turquoise Stick Pin Period Pieces $249.00
14k Lingerie or Baby Pin Period Pieces $110.00
Belle Epoch France: 18kt Gold White Enamel Brooch Period Pieces $659.00
Dragon or Griffin Stick Pin – Diamond 14kt Period Pieces $459.00
22kt Gold on Platinum Wedding Band - Fin de Siecle Period Pieces $1,499.00
golden earrings antique revival galerie Cecile Kerner €2,400.00