Continental Porcelain Painting Landscape River Scene, Signed June Hastings $575.00
19th C Antique Oil on Canvas Painting of Venice, Italy June Hastings $1,100.00
Reinhold Krauss Miniature Painting c1890 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $390.00
On the Road to Dublin N.H., Mt. Monadnock, Moris Hobbs New England Art Exchange $750.00
William Preston Phelps, Cows at a Stream New England Art Exchange $4,000.00
Fishing Boats at Sunset, by Edward Moran New England Art Exchange $4,600.00
Miniature Painting of a Gentleman c1825 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $375.00
Modernist Landscape Oil by Katherine Chan Liu 1988 Antiquarian Art Co. $380.00
Original Antique Watercolor Floral Botanical Painting C.1850 Antiquarian Art Co. $225.00
colored paintings - viet nam $4,800.00
pastel paintings - viet nam $600.00
pastel paintings - viet nam $900.00
oil painting - vietnam $650.00
oil painting - vietnam $850.00
oil painting - vietnam $4,800.00
Portraitof Young Gentleman ca 1830 - Oil on Relined Canvas E & M Perez $375.00
19th Century Gouache of Naples Bay and Mt. Vesuvius E & M Perez $380.00
American Mid Century Modern Cubist Oil Painting C.1950 Antiquarian Art Co. $595.00