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Famille Rose

Antique Chinese famille rose porcelain. Famille rose (fr., pink family, or pink palette) Chinese porcelain refers to those decorated with a palette of soft, opaque colors (appropriately called 'Fencai' [powder colors] in Chinese). The dominant color ranges in hue from pink to purple. Famille rose was introduced in the Kangxi reign but is very much associated with the Qianlong reign in which it reached its zenith and has not since been surpassed. Hundreds of antique Chinese famille rose porcelains are offered for sale here.
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Late 19C Chinese Famille Rose Enamel Porcelain Tureen Dragons 2ezr Inquire
A very good marked Guangxu bottle vase EDMUND GRUNDNER Asiatica - Ethnographica €1,450.00
Lovely Famille Rose Rice Bowl The Beantree Collection $125.00
Small Chinese Famille Rose Jarlet with Lid The Beantree Collection $35.00
Chinese Famille Rose Rice Bowl, Guangxu period The Beantree Collection $125.00
Colorful 19th Century Chinese Famille Rose The Beantree Collection $100.00
Famille Rose Tea pot, 19th Century, Tongzhi The Beantree Collection $320.00
19th Century Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Bowl, Tongzhi (1862-1874) Intandane Ltd t/a 69A £275.00
Fine Chinese Tongzhi Mark and Period Blue Glazed Famille Rose Brushpot Legacy Chinese Art
Chinese Porcelain Famille Rose Fluted Bowl Helen M Edwards $150.00
19th C. Chinese Famille Rose Square Porcelain Lided Box Signed Asian Art Online $2,750.00
Chinese Famille Rose Enamel Porcelain Bowl Peach Pomegranate Mk 2ezr Inquire
18C Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Rooster Bird Figurine 2ezr Upon Inquriy
Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vases NY ANTIQUES $1,500.00
Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Jar with Wood Cover NY ANTIQUES $1,800.00
Pair of famille rose lamps. Qianlong mark but late Qing Dragon's Pearl $500.00
Chinese Qing Guangxu Famille Rose Porcelain Ginger Lidded Jar Censers Petrie-Rogers Gallery $375.00