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TROCADERO is a turnkey e-commerce solution for antiques, art and collectibles dealers. Membership is non-exclusive and is available online via interactive registration.
Members can create a homepage using available templates and may provide custom design and updates to TROCADERO subsequently. Catalogs are maintained by members interactively from the convenience of their own desktop. Our programming infrastructure ensures that your efforts are minimal to achieve a developed and presentable illustrated catalog.
Named for the great explorers and traders of the late 15th through the 17th centuries, trocadero is (appropriately) Portuguese for "place of trade". Owing to the pervasive influence of the Portuguese throughout the world, trocadero has meaning to many cultures. One of the most notable examples of this in more modern times is the namesake of the primary building for the Paris Expositions of 1878 and 1937.
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