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 Chinese Huanghuali Erhu Musical Instrument - 19th C. Chinese Huanghuali Erhu Musical Instrument - 19th C.
Chinese Guanyin Bronze Statue - Ming Xuande,1426 to 1435 AD Chinese Guanyin Bronze Statue - Ming Xuande,1426 to 1435 AD

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Gold Buddha Our Specialty and Our Passion

We have been involved in the stimulating world of Asian antiques and art for the past 25 years - both as collectors and as dealers. Our main specialty has been in antique Chinese furniture which we find to be beautiful, graceful, and of an intricacy unmatched in the art of furniture making.

Asian art has a powerful allure and is multi-faceted, so our interests have naturally branched into its other fields and mediums of artistic expression.

When you touch, hold, examine, and then own a special and beautiful piece, you can then understand how the passion develops and draws you in.

If you are new to collecting, you can start with a piece that captures your imagination. Study it carefully to understand its history - and you will enjoy it for years and years to come.

Antiques are very much like special comforting friends for your home and office environments. Mixing antique items in a modern contemporary setting can beautifully accent your surroundings. They add an ambiance of elegance and create that special venerable feeling of history that only antiques can give. From the smallest bronze seal to a grand piece of furniture, we're sure you'll agree that owning antiques is exceptionally fascinating.

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Makara Bracelet Check Our Daily Updates

A variety of items will be introduced regularly. They include bronzes, ceramics, pottery, antique beads, seals/chops, jewelry, heirloom Martaban jars, Buddha figures, etc.

Our personal taste in antiques and art has always been quite eclectic, so we have a wide range of pieces collected through living in Asia and through our numerous travels to neighboring Asian countries. There are also several items that we collected years ago that are not Asian, but that we have added to our site because we find them to be both eye-catchingly beautiful and unusual.

Also, if there is anything that you are looking for in particular in Asian art, please let us know. If we do not have it, we will be pleased to assist you in your search.

We look forward to your dropping by again to view new additions to our site.

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