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A Lapis Lazuli Carving of Qing Dynasty, 18th Century.
A Lapis Lazuli Carving of Qing Dynasty, 18th Century.

Roy Hu

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About Me

As an art lover, especially of ancient Chinese artifacts, I have an interest in and collected a broad range of pieces from jades, to porcelains, early ceramics, sculptures of all materials, and scholarís items. I am fascinated and intrigued by the cultures and the people who made and lived with these works of art. Form is the first thing that captures my attention. Then it is a question of authentication. Authentication is the foremost aspect of collecting. We need to connect with the original, authentic spirit of beauty which comes to us from ancient times from the makers of these pieces of traditional craftsmanship. We do not want to put our passion into something fake. Rarity is also important to the connoisseur.

As a dealer and a collector, I am serious about developing a fine collection. I visit museums, read as much as I can, and consulting with fellow collectors and dealers. I buy things from reliable, trustworthy sellers who do business with integrity . I hope you will enjoy the pieces from my collection..

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I stand behind with full confidence of all the items listed in my cataloges.
Since I only list the items with obvious characteristics and evidences.
Any inquiries will be seriously treated.
Any buyers who do not satisfy with the items upon receiving are welcomed to notify me
Well and thorough communications will be rendered.
And satisfying return and refund policy will be offered.

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