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A Charming Chicken-Head Ewer of 4th Century.
A Charming Chicken-Head Ewer of 4th Century.

Taipei, Taiwan

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About Me

My trade mark 竹溪小隱 (Zhuxi Xiaoyin) - The Hidden Shack Beside a Bamboo Creek reflects the Chinese scholar mood in Zen spirits.
It is inspired by an archaic jade stamp that in my private collections.

As an art lover, especially of ancient Chinese artifacts, I'm interested in collecting a broad range of pieces from jades, to ceramics, sculptures and scholar items.
I am fascinated and intrigued by the cultures reflected from the artifacts.
Form is the first thing that captures my attention.
Authentication is also very important too. It is the crucial aspect in collecting antiques.
In authentication, we need to find a broad range of information, like the cultures of different periods, the anesthetics in the periods and the habits and custom of the dated time.
All these reflects on the objects we found today.
Rarity is also important to serious connoisseur.

I'm a very serious collector and dealer.
I visit museums, read as much as I can, and consulting with fellow collectors and dealers. I buy things from reliable, trustworthy sources.

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I stand behind with full confidence of all the items I listed.
Any inquiries will be seriously treated.
Serious discussion before dealing are most welcomed.
Cause it concerns to your happy patronage.

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