Lead seal for a Venetian Theriac capsule / jar, 17th century Global Ceramics $250.00
Antique Phlebotomy Fleam Bloodletter Medical Tool with Case June Hastings $295.00
Ming Apothecary Mortar Abhaya Asian Antiques $210.00
China jade hairpn The Tretiak Collection
A large Hispano-Mooresque Bronze Mortar - Islamic Spain! Senatus Consulto $475.00
Islamic bronze mortar, Moorish Spain, 14th.-15th. cent. Senatus Consulto $475.00
Rare German bronze Baroque Mortar of Johannes Rall ANNO 1716! Senatus Consulto $795.00
High Quality Antique France bronze mortar w royal portraits, 1600! Senatus Consulto $495.00
Rare Spanish or French bronze mortar w faces, late 16th. century Senatus Consulto $450.00
Doctor's Desk Set Bedell & Co. $695.00
William Wright Vegetable Pills Wooden Box, c. 1835 David Pownall Willis $85.00
Bronze Mortar Pestle 17th century Europe Apothecary Antique Antiquarian Art Co. $495.00
A Victorian Brass and Walnut Pharmaceutical Pill Roller SPECIAL OFFER The Vanishing Heavens $325.00
3 Narcotic Poison Codeine Digitalis Hypodermic Tablet Bottles Stonegate Antiques $40.00
Two Vintage 1920 Pharmacy Drug Store Ceramic Pill Tiles Stonegate Antiques $125.00
Two 19thC English Ceramic Tooth Paste Dental Containers Stonegate Antiques $115.00
Vintage 1920s SS White Dental Dentist Burs Boxed Case Stonegate Antiques $145.00
Scarce 19thC Cast Iron Pharmacy Juice Press Stonegate Antiques $65.00