Ancient Egyptian Cat JFF Ancient Art €460.00
Ancient Egyptian Terracotta Shabti 6,8 cm. YourCollection $149.00
Acient Egyptian Fainece Nacklace with Udjat Eye Amulet 66 cm. YourCollection $179.00
Faience Shabti Figure Late Period 9,4 cm YourCollection $350.00
Ancient Egyptian Gold and Faience Bracelet Jaspers' Antiques $1,450.00
Ancient Egyptian Cloth/Stucco Face mask with Gold Nose decoration Jaspers' Antiques $525.00
Ancient Egyptian Albast Ointment Bottle Jaspers' Antiques $975.00
Ancient Egyptian Faience Offering Cup with Lid Jaspers' Antiques $550.00
Ancient Egyptian Uraei Knot Scaraboid JFF Ancient Art €880.00
Coptic Bone Doll Fragment, Early Islamic Egypt, 7th to 9th Century AD Ostracon Ancient Art $580.00
Coptic Egyptian Bone Doll, Late Roman, 3rd-5th Century AD Ostracon Ancient Art $650.00
Coptic Bone Doll Figure, Early Islamic Egypt, 7th Century AD Ostracon Ancient Art $420.00
Coptic Bone Fitting, 4th-6th Century BC Ostracon Ancient Art $360.00
Ancient Egyptian Faience Four Sons of Horus ca 6,8 cm. YourCollection $699.00
Ancient Egyptian Faience Shabti 10,7 cm YourCollection $499.00
Egyptian lot with massive bronze arm from statue and amulets! Senatus Consulto $175.00
Ancient Egyptian Faience Shabti 11,5 cm YourCollection $249.00