Excellent Vintage Elastolin Mounted Norman Lancer on Black Horse Sina's Antiques and Fine Arts $95.00
4 Hand Carved Bone Sewing Implements 1890-1900 Fiona Kenny Antiques $129.00
Antique Turkish Ottoman Dagger Khanjar Islamic Jambiya 19th Century Hundred and One Antiques $700.00
Glow in the Dark Silvered Magpie Christmas Ornament J S Antiques $70.00
Jeannette Delphite Pepper Shaker with original top Green with Envy $80.00
Maki Guest research note 3 The Tretiak Collection
Antique 18th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Gun Powder Flask Hundred and One Antiques $580.00
ROLEX ROSE 16mm Buckle 20mm Tobacco CROCODILE Strap OUT-OF-STOCK Watch Company $150.50
Sterling Overlay Vase Antiques On Bardwell $65.00
Vintage Halloween Witch & Black Cat Bisque Figure or Candy Container Kensington House Antiques $210.00
FOOTED SINGLE-FLOWER VASE t a t a m i $200.00
ROLEX DATEJUST Model 16mm Yellow Buckle 20mm Brown CROCODILE Calf Watch Company $59.50
Eighteenth Century Samson Et Cie Figurine “Drink Vendor” 7”tall L'Enfant Gallery $900.00
Wonderful 1901 Patent Albert Bruckner Black/White Topsy Turvy Doll Stonegate Antiques $625.00
1980's Dunhill Rollagas Gold and Lapis Lazuli Lighter June Hastings $400.00
Fenton Priscilla Salem Blue 12" Basket Two J's $75.00