Studio Artist Ceramic Jewish Charity Tzedakah Box Orwellianantiques $45.00
8 Porcelain Dinner Plates Four Seasons Resort Orwellianantiques $450.00
Antique Spanish Dagger Stiletto 19th century Hundred and One Antiques $650.00
Hermes, 18k gold Cape Cod watch, 2 leather straps. Box papers. Kingston Bay Gallery $5,650.00
Antique Filipino Sword Philippines Talibong Hundred and One Antiques $400.00
Omega Constellation stainless steel 18k gold two tone ladies watch Kingston Bay Gallery $1,695.00
Cartier Tank Solo watch stainless steel quartz leather band Kingston Bay Gallery $2,275.00
Sterling silver overlay covered bottle bird cage shape with parrot stopper Dalia's Gallery $375.00
Santa Clara Pottery Blackware small bowl by Camilio Sunflower Tafoya Native American New Mexico artist Dalia's Gallery $525.00
Siwa Oasis Egypt,framed Wedding Garment 20th Century L'Enfant Gallery $400.00
Daniel Radcliffe HARRY POTTER hand signed inscribed photo Jon Berg Fine Art and More $235.00
Antique 17th century Crimean Tatar Or Turkish Ottoman Islamic Bow Hundred and One Antiques $2,000.00
Antique Caucasian Russian Kuban or Don Cossacks Scabbard and Belt Hundred and One Antiques $540.00
World War I Victory Medal France Orwellianantiques $25.00
Antique 18-19th Century Islamic Ottoman North Africa Arab Silver Inlai Hundred and One Antiques $1,080.00
Antique Moroccan Islamic Dagger Koummya Jambiya with Silver Mounts Hundred and One Antiques $600.00
Antique Japanese Edo Period Smurai Kozuka Knife Handle With Snail Hundred and One Antiques $350.00
Antique Japanese Samurai Knife Handle Kozuka with a Buddhist Lion Hundred and One Antiques $280.00