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Tabletop Still Life with Glass Vases

Henri Dominique Roszezewski (French, 19th/20th century)

Oil on panel, signed.

A painter of landscapes and still lifes, Roszezewski studied under Maillard...

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Mario Russo Italian | 1925 - 2000 Mario Russo was an Italian painter who was born in 1925. Mario Russo's work has been offered at auction multiple times, His was a close friend and taught art to Fellini This is a work done in his studio Our gallery holds a fine collection of his work. Please see our other Listings.
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From the recently dispersed local estate of world travelers comes this of watercolor painting, each 7" by 9 1/2" and 11" by 14" framed in metal blue frame. The painting signed at lower left by the listed Australian aboriginal artist Peter Taylor Tjutjatja (1940 -2014). Taylor's watercolors sell at Australian art auctions. This is a small work in excellent condition.
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Farm Scene by Coupen Cooper, Framed Oil on Canvas, 23 x 38".
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Beautiful large antique original oil painting of a European village and landscape by famed American painter Colin Campbell Cooper. Oil on canvas signed and dated lower right 1907. Presented in a quality antique gold leaf frame...
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French Still Life signed Andre Ruggin, member of the FR Academy. Oil on Canvas. 21 x 25". Frame Size 24 x 29".
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Women at a Market is a watercolor by the centenarian American artist Martha WALTER 1875-1976 who was a student of the painter Wm Merritt Chase This work is water color 14“ x 11“ and magnificently frame in a water gilded frame that measures 22“ x 25“
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Oil on canvas still life of white flowers in a vase on a table top, a decorative curtain at left, 30" by 25", unframed, signed at lower left and inscribed there "For Mother & Dad", by the listed California artist EUGENE DUNLAP (1916-1999). Dunlap studied with the likes of Jack Wilkinson Smith, J. Mason Reeves and Nell Walker Warner. An exhibitor at the Golden Gate International Exhibition in 1939, he for a good part of his life was a part of the Laguna Beach art scene...
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WILHELM von DIEZ 1839-1907; GERMAN Returning from Work in the Fields Oil on Panel Returning from Work in the Fields Signed Lower Right: Wilh Diez, Munich Although he studied at the Munich Art Academy, where he eventually became a prominent Professor, he is primarily self taught as an artist. As a teacher, he had a major influence on an international group of students, including William Merritt Chase and John Twachtman. Dimensions; 13.25" x 18"; framed; 18" x 23".
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**One of two very similar works by the artist in my shop, preferably to be kept together- Oil on canvas, 16 1/4" by 12 3/4", in an old master style but of mid to late 19th century date, teaturing a house, tree and dogs and travelers, signed at lower left by noted, auctioned artist PIERRE LOUIS JOSEPH DE CONINCK (1828-1910). This is an almost monochromatic, very understated, subtle painting; perhaps a study for a larger, highly finished work...
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Abstracted Figures by Ivory Coast Artist Ephrem Kouakou. Oil on Canvas 60 x 50". Ephrem Kouakou is one of the world’s foremost African painters. He currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, and Ivory Coast, West Africa. His powerful, vivid paintings are in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum, New York, the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Washington DC. and Fondo Del Sol Museum, Washington DC...
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A beautiful work signed glicée trompe l’oeil measuring 30x25” in a gilt frame
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Abstract Figures by Rascal, Dominican Republic Artist Oil on Canvas 31x25.5 inches A bad boy, Rascal was caught creating graffiti too many times, when a judge finally told him enough was enough and encouraged him to paint in earnest. Rascal responded with urban art, full of color and stories of his life. Each painting had meaning special to him and explained the joys of his life, his defeats in love lost and his life in the city...
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This is an extremely well painted **CONTEMPORARY** oil on canvas, 12" by 16" (18" by 22" nicely framed), executed in the style of notable late 19th century painters such as Jean Beraud (1849-1936) or James Tissot (1836-1902), the principal subject an elegantly dressed young mother with her equally elegantly attired daughter, the remainder of the scene filled with horse drawn carriages, and ladies and gentlemen going about their business in a leafy boulevard, perhaps in a grand park in Paris...
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Unique oil painting of landscape on canvas, in such impressively unfinished condition, by Ryoko Takemura who is the wife of Kenichi Takemura ( | Graffiti of his portrait in NY: ), coming from her atelier as its provenance but no signature. 20th century, Japan. approx...
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Rare gouache on paper laid down on paperboard painting by well listed painter Alois Lecoque (1891 - 1981) measures 17" by 22" painting and 21 1/2" by 27" framed. The artist signed at lower right. The condition is very good, no tittle on reverse. Alois Lecoque was active/lived in California, Illinois / Czech Republic, Italy, France. Alois Lecoque is known for post impressionist landscape, still life and figure paintings. WB
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Attractive watercolor on quality watercolor paper painting of a Mediterranean style estate with red tiled roof, tall cypress trees and exquisite ironwork and stonework, 12 1/2" by 19" (18" by 25" framed), signed at lower left by French artist "L. SEILLARD". There is a small listing for the artist, and some trail of watercolors and a painting or two in the auction records...
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Qajar Miniature Paintings on hide or velum in hand made plaster and gilt frames of fine quality. The paintings appear to be pre Mogul style , the images appear to teach people how to live and conduct daily life. There are 4 matching framed sets and each one has minute images throughout . Size sight is 6" by 8" and each frame is 15.5" by 21.25"